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About Us

Tailored Disability & Aged Care Support Services in Sydney

About Us

Work With Experienced Healthcare Professionals

Since April 2020, V & C Nursing has been providing only the highest quality of nursing care to the elderly in nursing homes in the Western Sydney area. We pride ourselves on the first-class experience we provide for our care recipients. As well as individually tailored care programs, we offer Supported Independent Living from short, medium to long-term independent living accommodation.

Meet Our Reliable Disability Support Team

V & C Nursing is led by a professional in health services management that aims to help people in the name of glorifying God. Our excellent team consists of the head of our organisation with a team of qualified hardworking individuals working internally and externally.

Our Mission

In God We Trust

We’re here to encourage independence and choice for a better care experience. Before we provide you or your loved one with tailored support services, we communicate openly and honestly to identify your needs. Then, we will provide customised support services, designed to be revisited until you are living life to the fullest and on your own terms.  

With you through every step

We are Right by your side

Our experienced team is ready to listen to your needs