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Patient-Focused Disability Services in Western Sydney

What we offer

V & C Nursing provides professional home care services, tailored to your needs.

Providing Effective Disability Support Solutions

At V & C Nursing, we offer our participants a wide variety of some of the most effective care and support services available. These include supported independent living, social and community participation, and assistance with their daily living. 

(SIL) Supported Independent Living

Our goal is to encourage you or your loved one to live as independently as possible. We focus on your strengths and achievements while offering the support you need in a variety of areas. Our team of passionate and experienced staff are dedicated to training and supporting you to live the best life you can, in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Building Daily Living Skills

It is one of our major goals at V & C Nursing to assist you and your loved ones reach your intended health outcome. With you through every step of your journey, we aim to step by step help you maintain your independence and autonomously make your own decisions towards your intended goals. With a team of qualified and experienced Registered Nurses and Support Workers, we provide supports that includes:

Personal Care

Our Registered Nurses and Support Workers assist with personal care which plays a significant role in enabling the elderly and those people living with disabilities to maintain their independence. Our supports are tailored in a specific way to achieve individuals’ health care goals within a safe and cultural awareness environment. To maintain quality of life, regular personal care is vital therefore, our experienced team are well equipped with the knowledge and skills to assist you to reach your goals. Below are some of the personal care services we are offering:

Personal Domestic Assistance

Maintaining a tidy and clean home environment is a positive aspect and makes a huge difference towards your health and well-being. Our team is here to provide you with occasional or regular assistance with your household tasks to ensure your safety and a well-maintained home environment. As always, cleanliness is next to Godliness.


Maintaining a happy and healthy relationship with people that one provides support to is vital as it facilitates and maintains mental well-being. Respite is also essential in providing a work/life balance as well as maintaining the carer’s emotional and physical well being.

Transport Services

Using public transport can be challenging especially for those who live with disabilities and the elderly. Our team members hold a full drivers licence and are insured. There are always welcoming and ready to assist you with transport to and from your shopping and medical appointments as well as to visit your loved ones on your request. This will assist you with your community engagement and social activities.

Home & Garden Maintenance

Quality independent living can be achieved by tending to household activities and gardening which is an essential aspect in our lives. V & C Nursing is able to assist in providing such services which includes, plants watering, regular lawn mowing, pruning, trimming hedges, weeding and general garden upkeep hence, assisting you and your loved ones maintain your independence.

Assistance With Community Engagement & Social Activities

For emotional health and well-being, social connection plays a significant role in people’s lives, it is an integral element essential in maintaining physical and emotional wellbeing. To enjoy more of what you like doing most, working towards achieving your targeted goals and something new, V & C Nursing is here to assist you and your loved ones to connect socially. 

Our support workers have the training, experience and enthusiasm to enable independence and choice